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We are happy to share with you that Haltom Oaks Apartments offering is Now Live. A rare and augmented opportunity to join our team. Hurry! Invest Now the offering is Open for Investment.

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HALtOM OAKS apartmEnts

This is a fantastic value-add opportunity in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

QRP, Solo 401(k), SD-IRA

506(c) For Accredited Investors Only

Investment highlights

Haltom Oaks apartments

Haltom Oaks Apartments is a renovated, 68-unit apartment community located in Haltom City, just six miles northeast of downtown Fort Worth in Tarrant County.

Here are some of the highlights of the offering:

  • 68-unit value-add opportunity
  • Great location in the Haltom City/North Richland Hills area
  • Built in 1985 and situated on 2.28 acres
  • 506c offering available to accredited investors
  • 7% preferred return
  • 8-9% average cash-on-cash return
  • 15.5% IRR with a 6-year hold
  • 75% Bonus Depreciation
  • Easy access to major through fares in DFW


Targeted IRR


Bonus Depreciation


Projected Annual


Total Passive Return

Investment Overview

  • Haltom Oaks Apartments is a renovated, 68-unit apartment community located in Haltom City, just six miles northeast of downtown Fort Worth in Tarrant County.

  • 100 % occupied with virtually no advertise expense historically

  • Exceptional Market Fundamentals in Haltom City

  • Easy access to major through fares in DFW

  • Property owned laundry equipment with no lease

  • Untouched value-add with 100% classic units

  • Offered Free & Clear of existing debt



47, 600 SF




Dallas-Fort Worth


★ 506(c) offer For Accredited Investors Only

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