Do You Have to Manage the Property if You Invest Passively?

Investment in real estate is undoubtedly one of the smartest moves that an investor can hope to make. The returns are quite high, they are safe, they can easily be financed (through loans), and they can make someone who invests in them wealthy within a short amount of time. It is also a notable point that real estate investment, especially the part that involves managing the property, takes a lot of time, due diligence, commitment, and hard work to build a good portfolio.

Partnering with Experts (Developers, Joint Ventures, and Agents)

The question someone might ask: “What about those folks who want to reap the real estate properties benefits without necessarily investing a huge chunk of their time, energy, and commitment?”

The answer is that you can not only enjoy the benefits but also find success from passively investing in multifamily properties. You may ask next, “How can this work?” A potential investor can start off by partnering and working with the experts.

Many companies and LLCs deal with the management of real estate properties that a potential investor can consider. These management companies will do the job of taking care of your portfolio. An investor might also invest passively in multifamily properties by financing developers who are short of capital but need finances to get going. Finally, an investor can consider working with joint venture partners who can do the following tasks on his/her behalf:

  • Making renovations to the property
  • Advertising the property in the quest to find tenants
  • Screening the tenants
  • Signing a lease with the tenants for you
  • Negotiating the good deals
  • Providing quick support and good customer service to the tenants

Given the above insight, it is clear that you do not have to be hands-on to manage the property if you invest passively in multifamily properties. This means you will be a hands-off landlord and the best part about it is the perks associated with being a hands-off, passive investor. Read on to discover these advantages.

1. An Investor enjoys Fewer hassles

A hands-on landlord goes through a lot in the name of property management. They address unavoidable issues that pertain to property management, which may require receiving late-night calls, mitigating conflict between tenants, and handling breakdowns. The advantage of the hands-off approach is that an investor will transfer the burden of property management to another party and still enjoy the benefits of a multifamily property.

The hands-off aspect of property management is a sure way of shielding yourself from the risks of property management, especially by avoiding trying to juggle everything all at once, which can prove to be a daunting task that drains you. 

2. Fewer hassles mean more Time to Spare

A hands-on manager handles all the tasks associated with property management, which can be considered to be a full-time job, especially considering how time-consuming the job can be to the point that getting free time to do other things becomes a luxury. This can get worse because problems can emerge during the weekends, over the festive season, in the wee of the night, or even during public holidays. If a property becomes vacant, having to find another tenant can also prove to be quite a hassle. This scenario might not be ideal for an investor who has other things going on the side, such as a career or other business ventures.

Opting to have other experts like trusted agents deal with the management of your property will take the burden off of your shoulders. In the long run, more time will be spared from your end. And what this implies for a busy investor is that there will be more time to engage in other activities, ventures, or even your career while you are passively managing your investment.

3. Diversification of an Investor’s Portfolio

Another benefit associated with engaging in the hands-off is it presents an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio. This means you can have multiple revenue streams, which provide an income every month. One of these revenue streams is generating an income passively. The hands-off investment strategy in multifamily properties has made the likes of Warren Buffet rich, and you are likely to follow similar paths when taking this real estate investment approach. 

4. Working with Experts meaning Fewer Mistakes

Real estate is a complex industry with rules that must be heeded. The complexity of this sector further influences the level of success that an investor would have. As a real estate investor or for aspiring investors, it becomes necessary to understand the dynamics of the market to ensure you are aware of the current market trends. Understanding all these requires time and effort. Often, real estate investors fail because of the lack of knowledge on the nitty-gritty of the industry.

The hands-off approach in investing in real estate ventures, such as multifamily properties, addresses this challenge by allowing an investor to work with the top developers and agents who are good at what they do. These professionals are well versed in the area of property management, and having them taking care of managing your property will mean fewer mistakes will be made. Fewer errors mean the best investment decisions are made, which further implies higher returns and growth of an investor’s portfolio. 

5. Dividends reinvestment

Finally, the hands-off investment approach presents a growth potential from the reinvestment of dividends where investors can purchase fund shares using their dividends proceeds. More shares for these investors mean more dividends, which also mean increased returns.

Real estate investing requires an investor to find the best property located in a strategic area to buy, negotiate a good deal, undertake renovations, market the property, find tenants, sign an ongoing lease and provide customer service to them. With all these tasks to do, making mistakes should not be an option, given that they can drive an investor’s costs up. Taking a hands-off approach to managing your multifamily property is one of the simplest yet smartest moves with loads of benefits, just one of the benefits that can be considered being earning passive income without having to sweat yourself. This approach is likely to be very attractive to any would-be investor.

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