Frequently Asked Questions

Our process for investing is straightforward and begins with selecting the right opportunities and ends with meeting the goals and objectives of our partners and investors. Our typical investor has an interest in alternatives to the stock market such as Real Estate or other Private Equity, however, all investors need to maintain the right balance between liquid and non-liquid assets in their portfolio.

BlueOcean is for busy professionals interested in building Passive Income & Generational Wealth. Join an Elite Group of Investors That Want to Buy Time and Freedom by Investing in Private Markets.

We help investors build generational wealth and passive income to leave a legacy. Our process involves the acquisition, operation, and eventual disposition, of large-scale real estate, as a vehicle to provide investors with a safe alternative to traditional stock and bond markets. Our primary focus is the protection and preservation of our investors’ wealth; then outsized growth.

Investors can complete an online form on the platform by providing their names, addresses, States, and a few other questions. To invest, one of our members of the investor relations team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

No, however, we do require verification or self-accreditation to invest in our fund.

We wouldn’t say our investors are typical! But those who invest with us have a strong interest in diversifying their investment portfolios by adding multi-family, commercial real estate assets. They may not know how best to start doing it and want to begin with a more secure and stress-free option, such as BlueOcean.

Once you have filled out the investment form and been contacted by a member of our investor relations team, you can contribute your investment by ACH or wire transfer.

Yes absolutely. Please speak with us to learn how this works or just start the investment process and tell us you will be using your IRA. It's really easy and a lot of our investors do it this way.
Your annual detailed tax information will be reported on Form 1099-DIV, if required, and will be provided to you in electronic form by the 31st of January of the year following each taxable year.